RNDr. Vladimír Sychrovský, Ph.D.

assistent professor

room: T2:B3-442
phone: +420 2 2435 2168
email: sychrvla@fel.cvut.cz

Education and practice

  • Master in Biophysics, Charles University, Prague 1993
  • Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry, Institute of Physical Chemistry ASCR 1998
  • Gothenburg University, Sweden, Postdoctoral Fellow 1998-2000
  • Institute of Physical Chemistry ASCR, Associate Scientist 2000-2004
  • Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Senior Scientist 2004-
  • Czech Technical University, FEE, Department of Electrotechology, lecturer 2016-


Science and Research

  • Theoretical modelling of physico-chemical properties of molecules and materials for bio-/nano-technological application, interpretation of molecular spectroscopy parameters and charge transport through molecules.

Research profile

  • Development and implementation of quantum chemistry methods.
  • The Bk approximation of CI SDTQ method was developed and implemented during PhD. The CP DFT method for calculation of indirect NMR J-couplings developed and implemented during post-doc has become a part of the program package Gaussian.
  • Theory and interpretation of NMR spectroscopic parameters. The studies on structural interpretation of NMR parameters in nucleic acids and peptides including effects of solvation, metal coordination, and molecular flexibility were published in the top journals like JACS and NAR and presented as invited talks.
  • Properties of chemically modified nucleic acids. The studies on metallo-base pairs focused on structure and design of molecular devices employable for controlled charge transportation were in collaboration with leading synthetic and experimental laboratories in Japan.
  • Catalytic mechanisms concerning nucleic acids. The ongoing theoretical study on catalytic mechanism of DNA repair enzyme in close collaboration with experiment (Prof. Tanaka, Tohoku University, Japan) involves new concept of the catalytic mechanism that was presented at the 38 ISNAC conference in Japan and at the Recent Advances in Chemical&Physical Biology, in India as invited plenary talks.


  • Human Frontier Science Program, Young Investigator Grant Award 2008-2012
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, JSPS Fellow 2012
  • Daiichi-Sankyo Foundation Of Life-Science 2011

Invited talks at conferences

  • Osaka University, Nagoya University, Tokyo University, and Tohoku University Sendai, invited talks during JSPS fellowship 2013
  • Recent Advances in Chemical&Physical Biology, Kolkata, India, plenary talk 2012
  • The 38 International Symposium on Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Japan, plenary talk 2011
  • Magnetic Moments in Central Europe, Slovenia, plenary talk 2009
  • NMR in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine, Poland, plenary talk 2007

Teaching and supervising

  • Courses at the faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Post doc Jakub Šebera PhD (since 2011), Ph.D. students Zuzana Vokáčová Ph.D. (2005-2010), Ladislav Benda Ph.D. (2006-2012), Mgr. Jiří Fukal (since March 2013), Bc. Petra Matunová (collaboration since October 2014)

Grants (principal investigator for IOCB site)

  • GA CR 2013-2016 Pyramidalization of the glycosidic nitrogen in nucleic acids; linking the structural phenomenon with chemistry of N-glycosidic bond cleavage,
  • The Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSP) 2008-2012 Probing the mechanism of the cleavage reaction in catalytic RNAs,
  • GA CR 2010-2013 Structure and dynamics of bioorganic complexes,
  • MŠMT-ÖAD KONTAKT Czech Republic – Austria 2007-2008 Multi-nuclear NMR parameters in peptides,
  • GAAV 2007-2009 Structure and dynamics in complexes of solvated biomolecules

International collaborations

  • Prof. Norber Mueller Institute of Organic Chemistry Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria (NMR parameters in peptides)
  • Prof. Yoshiyuki Tanaka Tohoku University, Laboratory of Molecular Transformation, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sendai, Japan (mechanistic studies of catalytic mechanisms, modified nucleic acids)
  • Prof. Akira Ono Kanagawa University, Department of Material and Life Chemistry, Yokohama, Japan (modified nucleic acids)
  • Prof. Matthias Bickelhaupt Vrie University, Department of Theoretical Chemistry, Amsterdam, Nederland (theory of NMR parameters in heavy metals)

Top ten publications

  • Yamaguchi, Šebera, Furuita, Daraku, Kondo, Oda, Komuro, Kawamura, Otaki, Kondo, Okamoto, Ono, Katahira, Burda, Bickelhaupt, Kojima, Sychrovský, Tanaka. Nucleic Acids Research published December 26, 2013, doi:10.1093/nar/gkt1344
  • Šebera, Burda, Straka, Ono, Chojima, Tanaka, Sychrovský Chemistry A European Journal, Accepted March 2013, DOI: 10.1002/chem.201300460
  • Uchiyama, Miura, Takeuchi, Dairaku, Komuro, Kawamura, Kondo, Benda, Sychrovsky, Bour, Okamoto, Ono, Tanaka Nucleic Acids Research 40, 12, 5766-5774, 2012
  • Benda, Straka, Tanaka, Sychrovsky, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 13, 1, 100-103, 2011
  • Sychrovsky, Foldynova-Trantirkova, Spackova, van Meervelt, Blankenfeld, Vokacova, Sponer, Trantirek, Nucleic Acids Research, 37, 21, 7321-7331, 2009
  • Sychrovsky; Sponer; Trantirek; Schneider JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 128, 21, 6823-6828, 2006
  • Bour; Budesinsky; Spirko; Kapitan; Sebestik; Sychrovsky, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 127, 48, 17079-17089, 2005
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  • Sychrovsky; Grafenstein; Cremer JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 113, 9, 3530-3547, 2000

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