Ing. Mgr. Neda Neykova, Ph.D.


room: T2:B3-146
phone: +420 2 2435 2167


  • PhD | 2008-2015 |CTU, Prague
    Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Field of study: Physical Engineering, Topic of the thesis: “ZnO nanocolumns for thin film silicon solar cells with high efficiency” (Supervisor Prof. Dr. Zdeněk Bryknar)
  • MSc (MEng)| 2005-2007 |UCTM, Sofia
    Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials, Sofia, Bulgaria, Field of study: Polymer Materials, Topic of the thesis: “Research of the deformation behavior of polylactide exposed to various thermal and mechanical influences”
  • BSc (Eng)| 2001-2005 |UCTM, Sofia
    Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials, Sofia, Bulgaria, Field of study: Material Technology and Material Science, Topic of the thesis: “Rheological properties and behavior of nanocomposites based on unsaturated polyester resin and alumina nanoparticles”


  • Postdoctoral Fellow | 2022 – Present | Czech Technical University in Prague
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Dept. of Electrotechnology, Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics
  • Assistant Researcher | 2021 – Present | Institute of Physics, CAS
    Department of Optical Materials, Head of the Lab of synthesis & measurement of photovoltaic nanomaterials
  • Postdoctoral Fellow | 2015 – 2021 | Institute of Physics, CAS
    Department of Optical Materials, Lab of optical spectroscopy and thin layers
  • PhD Student | 2008 – 2015 | Institute of Physics, CAS
    Department of Optical Materials, Lab of photovoltaics

Participation in international projects

  • CZ.02.1.01./0.0./0.0./15_003/0000464| MEYS-OPVVV| 2017-2022
    Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics, T. Markvart
  • CP-IP 214134-2 | 7. Framework Programme EU | 2009-2012
    Flexible production technologies and equipment based on atmospheric pressure plasma processing for 3D nano structured surfaces, M. Vaněček
  • NMP4-LA-2012-283501 | 7. Framework Programme EU (Fast Track) | 2012-2015
    Accelerated development and prototyping of nano-technology-based high-efficiency thin-film silicon solar modules, M. Vaněček

Participation in national grants

  • 20-05497Y|GAČR|2020-2022
    Nanoscintillators based on ultrafast luminescent multiple quantum well structures and composites, M. BURYI
  • 18-24268S|GAČR|2018-2020
    Manipulating properties of transition metal oxides interfaces, J. HOLOVSKÝ
  • 17-26041Y |GAČR|2017-2019
    Changes in opto- electronic properties of organic – inorganic halide perovskites under light illumination, M. LEDINSKÝ
  • 16-10429J |GAČR|2016- 2018
    Optical, electrical and magnetic properties of ZnO nanostructures Z. REMEŠ
  • LH12186z |MŠMT |2012-2014
    Mechanism of energy and charge transfer in semiconductor nanostructures Z. REMEŠ
  • SGS ČVUT 2010 OHK4-020/10 |2010-2013
    Preparation and properties of new dielectric and semiconductor materials and perspectives for their application, Z. BRYKNAR
  • P108/11/0937| GAČR |2011-2013, Growth and study of ZnO nanostructures for a new generation of 3-dimensional thin film photovoltaics, M. VANĚČEK
  • LC10 | MŠMT |2005-2011, Centre of nanotechnologies and materials for nanoelectronics-subcontract-nanodiamond, J. KOČKA- subproject M. VANĚČEK   

Publication activity

Co-Authored more than 25 scientific peer-reviewed journal contributions, including 6 as a first author. Also co-authored more than 20 conference proceedings, including 6 proceedings as a first author. Took part in 9 international conferences, for which given 5 oral presentations and 4 poster presentation. Additionally, a co-inventor of one patent. H-index 12  (according to WoS, May, 2022).

Selected publications

  • Buryi, Z. Remes, V. Babin, S. Chertopalov, K. Děcká, F. Dominic, J. Mičová, N. Neykova: Free-Standing ZnO:Mo Nanorods Exposed to Hydrogen or Oxygen Plasma: Influence on the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Defect States Materials, 15 (6) (2022) 2261
  • Ledinsky, T. Schönfeldová, J. Holovský, E. Aydin, Z. Hájková, L. Landová, N. Neykova, A. Fejfar, S. De Wolf: Temperature Dependence of the Urbach Energy in Lead Iodide Perovskites, J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 10 (6) 21 (2019), 1368–1373.
  • Neykova, Y.-Y. Chang, M. Buryi, M. Davydova, R. Kucerkova, D. Simek, Z. Remes, O. Pop-Georgievski: Study of ZnO nanorods grown under UV irradiation, Appl. Surf. Sci. 472 (2019) 105–111.
  • Mičová, M. Buryi, D. Šimek, J. Drahokoupil, N. Neykova, Y. –Y. Chang, Z. Remes, O. Pop-Georgievski, J. Svoboda, C. Im: Synthesis of zinc oxide nanostructures and comparison of their crystal quality, Appl. Surf. Sci. 461 (2018) 190–195.
  • Neykova, J. Stuchlik, K. Hruska, A. Poruba, Z. Remes and O. Pop-Georgievski: Study of surface properties of ZnO nanocolumns used for thin-film solar cells Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 8 (2017) 446–451.
  • Holovský, S. De Wolf, J. Werner, Z. Remeš, M. Müller, N. Neykova, M. Ledinský, L. Cerna, P. Hrzina, P. Löper, B. Niesen, and C. Ballif: Photocurrent spectroscopy of perovskite layers and solar cells: A sensitive probe of material degradation J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8(4) (2017) 838- 843.
  • Neykova, E. Moulin, A. Campa, K. Hruška, A. Poruba, M. Stuckelberger, F.-J. Haug, M. Topic, C. Ballif, M. Vaněček: Three-dimensional amorphous silicon solar cells on periodically ordered ZnO nanocolumns Phys. Stat. Sol. a 212(8) (2015) 1823-1829.
  • Neykova, K. Hruška, J. Holovský, Z. Remeš, M. Vaněček: Arrays of ZnO nanocolumns for 3-dimensional very thin amorphous and microcrystalline silicon solar cells Thin Sol. Films 543 (2013) 110 – 113.
  • Neykova, A. Brož, Z. Remeš, K. Hruška, M. Kalbáčová, A. Kromka, M. Vaněček: ZnO hedgehog-like structures for control cell cultivation Appl. Surf. Sci. 258 (2012) 3485 – 3489.
  • Vanecek, O. Babchenko, A. Purkrt, J. Holovsky, N. Neykova, A. Poruba, Z. Remes, J. Meier, U. Kroll: Nanostructured three-dimensional thin film silicon solar cells with very high efficiency potential, Appl. Phys. Lett. 98 (16) (2011) 163503.


Vanecek, N. Neykova, K. Hruska, A. Poruba, Z. Remes, J. Holovsky, A. Purkrt, O. Babchenko, J. Meier, U. Kroll Photovoltaic Cell and Methods for Producing a Photovoltaic Cell U.S Patent 8,772,080 B2 filed on June 9, 2011 issued on July 8, 2014.

Awards & Honors

  • CTU Rector’s Award for outstanding doctoral thesis for 2015
  • Award Werner von Siemens 2016, 2nd place in category “Best dissertation thesis”
  • Award Werner von Siemens 2016, 1st place in category “Best dissertation thesis written by womаn”
  • One of the most perspective young scientists at Institute of Physics, AS CR presented in exhibition in Week of Science and Technology 2017


  • Registered member of the Czechoslovak Association for Crystal Growth (CSACG)
  • Topic Advisory Panel Member of MDPI Materials