prof. Ing. Václav Bouda, CSc.



  • 1963: Graduate diploma Engineer (MSc-Eng) at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University (FME-CTU) in Prague, Specialization Materials Science and Technology. Diploma topic: Recrystallization of Austenite of Carbon Steels.
  • 1972: Postgraduate diploma Candidate of Technical Sciences (PhD) at FME-CTU in branch Physical Metalurgy and Limit States of Materials. Thesis topic: Study of a Long-Time Cyclic Loading Effect on the Initial Structural Changes of Polymers.
  • 1986: Associate Professor for Physical Metalurgy and Limit States of Materials.
  • 1994: Associate Professor for Materials for Electrotechnology.
  • 1997: Professor for Materials for Electrotechnology.


  • 1967-69: PhD Student in Department of Materials Science of FME-CTU by supervisor Professor V.Zilvar. Project: Fatigue of Polymers by Cyclic Loading.
  • 1969-70: Research Worker in Department of Physical Chemistry by supervisor Prof.A.J.Staverman, Rijks Universiteit in Leiden, Netherlands. Project: Research of Effect of Cycling Loading on Properties of Polymers in Glassy State (in co-operation with Research Institute TNO in Delft).
  • 1974-75: Expert at The Department of Machine Design at Military Technical College in Cairo (Egypt).
  • 1984-85: Research worker in State Research Institute of Materials Science in Prague. Research projects: Properties of Polymers and Composite Plastics.
  • 1967-85: Assistant Professor in Department of Machine Design of Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague.
  • 1986-1997: Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanics and Materials Science of FEE-CTU. Research projects ‘The Influence of Special Treatment on the Morphology, Glass Transition and Electrical Conductivity of Polymeric Materials’ Research, Development and Applications of Carbon-Black Filled Polymeric Composite Materials.
  • 1990-1997: Head of the Materials Science Section at Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical Univerity in Prague.
  • 1991: Academic visitor at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London (Prof.G.J.Williams) followed by academic visitor at Tech.Universität Berlin (Prof.G. Hinrichsen) grant Commission of European Communities TEMPUS IMG-CZT – 0062 – 90.
  • 1994-1995: Technische Universität München, grant COST of CEC for project # 2209. Experimental study of transport mechanisms of electrical charge in disordered system carbon-polymer at Institute of Physics of Semiconductors (Prof. F.Koch PhD).
  • 1997- 2008: Head of The Department of Mechanics and Materials Science of Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague.
  • 2008-2015 Professor at Department of Electrotechnology of Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague.
  • 2016- : Professor emeritus, Czech Technical University in Prague


  • Member of MRS Materials Research Society (ID # 61537), 506 Keystone Drive, Warrendale, PA 15086-7537 USA
  • Member of The Institution of Materials (ID # 0171-976-1342), 1 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y5DB, Great Britain.

Significant publications since 1997

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