DiPreFE – Implementation of diagnostics and predictive maintenance for efficient control of photovoltaic power plants by autonomous means

Partners: Decci servis s.r.o., Enprotech a.s., “TMV SS” s.r.o.
Duration: 2020-2024

The goal of this project is to design, develop, and verify a prototype system for predictive maintenance of a photovoltaic powerplant capable of periodic thermographic and visual inspection of PV modules making use of UAVs during the operation time of PP. The system is able to predict module failure and evaluate the influence of this failure on the power production of PP. The system for predictive maintenance allows the proposal of optimal actions to maximalize power production and economic effectiveness. Partial goals are:

  • Design, development, and verification of specialized methods for accurate navigation and location of unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Methods for the collection of thermographic and visual image data, their fusion, and subsequent evaluation to detect potential defects of PV modules with the possible addition of a detailed picture of the expected defective module
  • Estimation of the impact of the module defect on the performance, when the module will be dismantled and measured in laboratory conditions
  • Creation and maintenance of a catalog of module defects with a specific signature in the visual and thermal area and the measured impact on their performance

• Statistical temporal models of progression of individual types of defects.

Project results

Systém pro zpracování naměřených dat, predikci a vyhodnocení poruch a prediktivní údržbu FVETK03020144-V2result description.


This project is co-financed from the state budget by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the THÉTA Programme under grant agreement No TK03020144. (STARFOS TACR)