ISPS 2023 – Contents of Proceedings


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Energy Harvesting Using Thermoelectric Microgenerators: Realistic Perspective or Utopian Idea? A Critical Analysis
Gerhard Wachutka
Understanding Power Semiconductor Technology Platforms for Building a Viable and Sustainable Product Roadmap
Munaf T. A. Rahimo
SiC Power Device Processing with Special Regard to Ion Implantation
Werner Schustereder
GaN HEMT Device Model Development for Implementation of Different Circuit Designs
Mridula Gupta
Impact of Super Junction Concepts in Silicon and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors
Ekkanath Madathil Sankara Narayanan


New Power MOSFET and their use in Intermediate Bus Converters
Ralf Siemieniec, Cesar Braz, Simone Mazzer and Gerhard Nöbauer
Charge Balance Effects on UIS Performance of Trench MOSFETs
Zia Hossain, Shengling Deng, Mo Grimaldi
Press Pack IGBTs for MVDC-breaker Applications
Koushik Sasmal, Michael Stelte, Jens Przybilla, Christof Drilling and Claus Panzer
Threshold Voltage Temperature Dependence for a 1.2 kV SiC MOSFET with Non-Linear Gate Stack
Marco Boccarossa, Luca Maresca, Alessandro Borghese, Michele Riccio, Giovanni Breglio, Andrea Irace and Giovanni A. Salvatore
Evaluation of Characteristics and Turn-off dV/dt Controllability of 1.2 kV SiC Si Hybrid Power Switch
Alireza Sheikhan and Ekkanath Madathil Sankara Narayanan
Adapted temperature calibration for Schottky p-GaN power HEMTs
Maximilian Goller, Jörg Franke, Max Fischer, Gilberto Curatola, Josef Lutz and Thomas Basler
Power Diode Structures Realized on (113) oriented Boron Doped Diamond
Pavel Hazdra, Alexandr Laposa, Zbyněk Šobáň, Vojtěch Povolný, Jan Voves, Nicolas Lambert, Andrew Taylor and Vincent Mortet
Low forward voltage gate controllable diode for 6.5 kV HVDC application
Gurunath Vishwamitra Yoganath and Hans-Günter Eckel
High-Voltage Thyristors with Enhanced Dynamic Robustness
Libor Pína, Jiří Hájek, Jan Boháček and Jan Vobecký
Comparison of IGBT Junction Temperature Determination using an On-chip Sensor and the VCE(T) Method
Narender Lakshmanan, James Abuogo, Jörg Franke, Josef Lutz and Thomas Basler
Annealing behavior of Pt and PtH defects in fully process 1.2kV Si diodes covering the whole substrate thickness
Lena Bergmann, Bianca Kurz, Gregor Pobegen, Daniel Schlögl, Holger Schulze, Heiko B. Weber and Michael Krieger
Surge-Current capability of the different voltage class IGBTs
Madhu Lakshman Mysore, Mohamed Alaluss, Felix Fraas, Josef Lutz, Thomas Basler, Roman Baburske, Franz-Josef Niedernostheide and Hans-Joachim Schulze


On the design of measuring circuit for OCVD method
Jiri Hajek and Vaclav Papez
Sulphur related Corrosion in Power Modules and its Impact on the Switching Performance
Michael Hanf, Raffael Schnell, Sven Matthias and Nando Kaminski
Surge current test of SiC MOSFET with planar Assembling and Joining Technology
Yijun Ye, Alexander Hensler, Thomas Basler and Josef Lutz
Channel Potential Modification induced Displacement Current during the Trench-Gate IGBT Switching
Xing Liu and Thomas Basler
Compact GaN-based Bidirectional Polarization Super Junction HFETs with Schottky Gate on Sapphire
Xiao Tan and Ekkanath Madathil Sankara Narayanan
High power thyristor with enhanced case non-rupture current capability
Michal Tilšer, Zuzana Ptáková, Nino Degiampietro and Ladislav Radvan
Novel Constant Surface Concentration Depletion Mechanism and Its Experiments in Homogenization field LDMOS
Wentong Zhang, Shiyao Cai, Lingying Wu, Nailong He, Sen Zhang, Ming Qiao, Zhaoji Li and Bo Zhang