Knowing the technological processes in electronic manufacturing, their mutual dependence and importance, is nowadays crucial for an expert in this field. We strive to teach future technological experts, who will either work as experts at scientific sites or work as production engineers in commercial companies. The core of the education is the provision of the full-time study in the study program of Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management.  Our department also provides education for other study programs where the students get a basic overview of production technologies. The lessons are suitable for full-time students and students of various exchange programs, such as Prospectus, Erasmus etc. All lessons are also taught in English.

Bachelor study programme

In the bachelor stage we provide course focused on materials for power engineering.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

BE5B13MVE Materials for Power Electrical Engineering

Erasmus & Exchange student courses offered by our department

  • BEVB13NNT     Nanotechnology
  • BE1B13SSE       Solar Systems and Electrochemical Sources
  • BE5B13MVE     Materials for Power Electrical Engineering

Other courses offered by Prospectus in 2019/2020 academic year

Master study programme

Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management

In the master study program, the lecturing focuses on the following topics:

  • Quality assurance across topics in electrical engineering
  • Ecological aspects of electrotechnical production and electrotechnical products during their whole life cycle
  • Selected technologies for energy systems, specifically
    • Solar systems and their diagnostics
    • Electrochemical energy sources

The narrowest specialisation is the study branch of Technological systems which is intended for students who want to focus on the production technology or continue in this field in their doctoral studies.

Erasmus & Exchange student courses offered by our department

Doctoral study programme

Our department participates in the lecturing of doctoral students of the branch Electrotechnology and Materials. All subjects are offered both in Czech and English:

Doctoral study program, offered subjects:

Doctoral study on Czech Technical University:

Faculty of Electrical Engineering