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 Understanding Power Semiconductor Technology Platforms for Building a Viable and Sustainable Product Roadmap

Authors & Affiliations

Munaf T. A. Rahimo



Microstructured cell-arrayed thermoelectric power generators, which are able to convert (waste) heat into a few In this paper, key technical pillars for a power device technology and product development roadmap are discussed. First, the main performance requirements of power semiconductors are outlined to establish modern development trends that can lead to a viable power device development roadmap. The basic principles of power semiconductor “Technology Platforms” will be presented in relation to well- defined “Device Sections”. In addition, device classification and technology complexity aspects will be reviewed as important technical pillars in the roadmap building process. Understanding the above can help map out future development tasks targeting next generation products with improved performance over cost ratios.milliwatts or even watts of electrical energy, seem to be particularly attractive for the autonomous power supply of microelectronic circuitry and electronic or micromechatronic appliances without the use of batteries. However, the conversion efficiencies achieved so far are very small. A critical analysis shows that there is still a certain potential for improvements toward the theoretical limits, but that some expectations seem to be rather unrealistic and questionable in view of the physical and technological limitations.


Power Electronics, Power Semiconductors, Technology Platforms.

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