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The Department of Electrotechnology is focused on materials, technological processes and diagnostics for electrotechnical production and various aspects of electrotechnical production – especially on quality management, monitoring of ecological impacts of various types of production, ecological materials, materials recycling methods, diagnostics of photovoltaic modules and panels, assembly and diagnostics of surface connections, diagnostics of power active and passive components and electrotechnical devices, climatic tests and monitoring and estimation of the life of electrotechnical products.

The Department focuses on research, cooperation with industry and higher education – especially in the bachelor and master study programs Electrical Engineering and Management and Intelligent Buildings. In the doctoral phase, the department provides the postgraduate program Technological Systems.

The department has a number of laboratories, with special attention being paid to the accredited diagnostic laboratory for photovoltaic systems, the laboratory of microscopy and the laboratory for climatic tests.

The Department provides teaching in the bachelor’s and master’s programs in Electrical Engineering, Economics and Management and is a guarantor of Master’s degree in Technology Systems. During the course students will be acquainted with a number of areas, including:

  • solar and power semiconductor systems incl. their electromagnetic compatibility,
  • electrochemical sources and their applications,
  • manufacture of electrotechnical components, equipment and their special diagnostics,
  • ecology of industry and technological processes,
  • measurement and control in electrotechnical production,
  • modeling and simulation of production processes,
  • quality and quality in electrotechnical production.

The Department emphasizes the necessary theoretical knowledge as well as the practical experience. That is why there are a number of modernly equipped laboratories and classrooms designed for the practical teaching of students not only in solving their graduate work and projects. Graduates of our field can work in organizations focused on production, manufacturing automation, designing, supplying organizations, environmental organizations and many others. If a graduate chooses a science course, he / she can continue to study in the Doctoral Program of Electrical Engineering and Materials.

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