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 Low forward voltage gate controllable diode for 6.5 kV HVDC application

Authors & Affiliations

Gurunath Vishwamitra Yoganath and Hans-Günter Eckel
Institute of Electrical Power Engineering
University of Rostock



Gate-Controllable Diode (GCD) allows charge carrier modulation at the anode region, by gate terminal biasing, to gain plasma control. This is used to achieve low-saturation mode and highspeed mode of the diode. Apart from the two operating modes, the anode side plasma control can also be utilised to desaturate the diode during commutation, to lower the overall switching losses. This paper is continuation work of earlier demonstrated GCD. The diode is designed as Si bi-polar power diode for 6.5 kV HVDC applications. In the current paper, a design consideration depending on various doping profiles of GCD was made. Thereby, a detailed study of switching behaviour with the switching pattern were conducted, to reduce the overall switching loss and improve the efficiency.


 Controllable diode, low-saturation, high-speed, desaturation, reverse recovery

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