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GaN HEMT Device Model Development for Implementation of Different Circuit

Authors & Affiliations

Mridula Gupta
Department of Electronic Science
University of Delhi South Campus
New Delhi



GaN HEMT devices (with different dimensions) have been investigated using 16- and 22-element smallsignal equivalent circuit Model. The percentage error is estimated to show the difference in extracted parameters using 16- and 22-element small-signal equivalent circuit model which assist in choosing the accurate small-signal model for large gate periphery GaN HEMTs. For device’s low power operation linear models are sufficient. In order to achieve higher certainty for high power applications, the nonlinear behaviour of the device must be considered. While generating the large-signal device model, the nonlinear capacitances Cgs and Cgd, as well as the current source Ids are primarily considered to capture the non-linear behavior of the device. The capacitances, Cgs and Cgd, are dependent on applied bias i. e. V gs and Vds. The Angelov model for Ids is used to generate the non-linear model parameters which uses the multi-bias small-signal equivalent circuit parameters.


 HEMT, I-V Characteristc, S-Parameter, 16- and 22-Element Equivalent Circuit Model, Large-Signal Model.

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