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 Adapted temperature calibration for Schottky p-GaN power HEMTs

Authors & Affiliations

Maximilian Goller1, Jörg Franke1, Max Fischer2, Gilberto Curatola2, Josef Lutz1 and Thomas Basler1
1) Chemnitz University of Technology
Chair of Power Electronics
2) Huawei Nuremberg Research Center



The determination of the junction temperature in power semiconductor devices is an important but challenging task. For GaN HEMTs, no universal temperature sensitive electrical parameter (TSEP) is available. In this study, different GaN HEMTs with Schottky p-GaN gate were subjected to stress by positive gate bias and temperature. The gate leakage current is one parameter to determine the junction temperature of Schottky p-GaN gate devices. An adapted calibration routine is applied to stabilize the desired TSEP of different GaN HEMTs. The gate current method can be applied to GaN Systems devices. Furthermore, the investigations indicate stability of the on-state resistance of Innoscience devices and threshold voltage of EPC devices, respectively.


GaN HEMT, Schottky contact, p-GaN gate, TSEP, adapted temperature calibration.

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