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 New Power MOSFET and their use in Intermediate Bus Converters

Authors & Affiliations

Ralf Siemieniec, Cesar Braz, Simone Mazzer and Gerhard Nöbauer
Power & Sensor Systems
Infineon Technologies Austria AG



 This work investigates the performance of our latest trench power MOSFET technology in an Intermediate Bus Converter as widely used in telecom and data centre power supplies. Based on the advantages of a revolutionary new cell design combined with the benefits of an advanced manufacturing technology, the new devices combine the benefits of low conduction losses and superior switching performances with an extended SOA and good ruggedness. These features make the devices an ideal fit especially for high switching frequency applications. The recent release of 80 V and 100 V devices offers the potential for further optimization.


 power semiconductor, charge compensation, MOSFET, SMPS, IBC

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