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 High-Voltage Thyristors with Enhanced Dynamic Robustness

Authors & Affiliations

Libor Pína, Jiří Hájek, Jan Boháček and Jan Vobecký
Hitachi Energy Czech Republic, s. r. o.
142 21 Prague 4
Czech Republic



Two cathode design concepts of phase control thyristor (PCT) are compared for 6.5 kV class in the housing with 47mm pole piece (5STP 08F6500). For the same technology curve VT-Qrr, the achievement of different combination of dynamic parameters like commutation turn-off time tq, dV/dt and di/dt capability are discussed. This work expands the know-how on the cathode emitter engineering previously presented for 1.8, 2.8 and 8.5 kV voltage classes


PCT, high-voltage thyristors, dynamic parameters, dynamic robustness

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