ISPS 2021 – Contents of Proceedings



Key criteria for the short-circuit capability of IGBTs
Vera van Treek, Hans-Joachim Schulze, Roman Baburske, F. Hille, Franz-Josef Niedernostheide, Frank Pfirsch

New Packaging Concepts: Bridging Devices and Applications
Shiori Idaka


Aluminium Modification as Indicator for Current Filaments under Repetitive Short-Circuit in 650V IGBTs
Madhu-Lakshman Mysore, Thomas Basler, Josef Lutz, Roman Baburske, Hans-Joachim Schulze and Franz-Josef Niedernostheide

Study of 6.5 kV Injection Enhanced Floating Emitter (IEFE) IGBT Switching Behavior and its Improved Short-Circuit Robustness
Madhu-Lakshman Mysore, Thomas Basler, Josef Lutz, Roman Baburske, Hans-Joachim Schulze and Franz-Josef Niedernostheide

Experimental Comparison of a New SAG-IGBT and Conventional DAG-IGBT Structures with LTO Design in terms of Turn-on Performance
Soon Tat Kong and Luther Ngwendson

High-voltage IGBT Turn-off at Transition from Overcurrent to Desaturation
Weinan Chen, Chaozheng Qin, Josef Lutz and Thomas Basler

Current Instabilities in Large-Area Silicon Diodes: An Accurate TCAD Approach
Luigi Balestra, Susanna Reggiani, Antonio Gnudi, Elena Gnani, Jan Vobecký and Umamaheswara Vemulapati

Power Device Solutions for Highly Efficient Power Supplies
Ralf Siemieniec, Rene Mente, Matteo Kutschak and Francesco Pulsinelli

A Simulation study of 6.5kV Gate Controlled Diode
Gurunath Vishwamitra Yoganath, Quang Tien Tran and Hans-Günter Eckel

Degradation of Power SiC MOSFET under Repetitive UIS and Short Circuit Stress
Juraj Marek, Jozef Kozárik, Aleš Chvála, Michal Minárik and Ľubica Stuchlíková

Degradation of 600V GaN HEMTs under Repetitive Short Circuit Conditions
Jozef Kozárik, Juraj Marek, Michal Minárik, Aleš Chvála, Tomáš Debnár and Martin Donoval

TCAD Simulation of the Bipolar Degradation in SiC MOSFET Power Devices
Amel Lachichi and Phil Mawby

The influence of electrical stress on the distribution of electrically active defects in IGBT
Jakub Drobný, Juraj Marek, Aleš Chvála, Jan Faraga, Martin Jagelka and Ľubica Stuchlíková

Parylene as Coating for Power Semiconductor Devices
Sven Clausner, Michael Hanf. Markus R. Meier, Helmut Schweigart and Nando Kaminski

Commercial Sweet Spots for GaN and CMOS Integration by Micro-Transfer Printing
Ralf Lerner and Nis Hauke Hansen

Singular Point Source MOS (S-MOS) Cell Concept
Munaf T.A. Rahimo, Iulian Nistor and David Green

Scalable Vertical GaN FETs (S-GaN FETs) for Low Voltage Applications
Hongyang Yan and Ekkanath Madathil Sankara Narayanan

Fast Short Circuit Type I Detection Method based on VGE-Monitoring
Clemens Herrmann, Xing Liu, Josef Lutz and Thomas Basler

Development of an HBM-ESD Tester for Power Semiconductor Devices
Luca Maresca, Giuseppe Auriemma, Marco Boccarossa, Alessandro Borghese, Michele Riccio, Giovanni Breglio and Andrea Irace

Measuring Transient I/V Turn-On Behavior of a Power MOSFET without a Current Sensor
Dennis Helmut, Gerhard Groos, Gerhard Wachutka and Gabriele Schrag

New Method for Si-Wafer Resistivity Determination
Jiří Hájek, Václav Papež and Martin Horák

Structure-Aware Compact Thermal Models of Power LEDs
Kamil Kuźniak, K. Szymańska, Łukasz Starzak and Marcin Janicki