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 A Simulation study of 6.5kV Gate Controlled Diode

Authors & Affiliations

Gurunath Vishwamitra Yoganatha, Quang Tien Tranb, Hans-Günter Eckela
aInstitute for Electrical Power Engineering, University of Rostock, Rostock, Germany
bInfineon Technologies Austria AG, Power and Sensor Systems, Villach, Austria



 Gate Controlled Diode (GCD) with micro-pattern trench structure, allows charge carrier modulation at
the anode region by gate control. This is utilized to operate the diode at low saturation mode and
desaturate the diode before IGBT turn-on, to achieve a better trade-off. The paper demonstrates the
concept of a silicon bi-polar power diode with micro-pattern trench gate, for 6.5 kV applications.
Thereby, a detailed study of switching behaviour and the switching pattern were conducted, so as to
reduce the overall switching loss and improve the efficiency. The efficiency also depends on the
robustness of the diode, several issues concerning the reverse recovery robustness of the Gate controlled
diode were investigated


 Gate Controlled Diode, micro-pattern trench, ‘tdsat’, desaturation

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