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 Experimental Comparison of a New SAG-IGBT and Conventional DAG-IGBT Structures with LTO Design in terms of Turn-on Performance

Authors & Affiliations

S. T. Kong and L.Ngwendson
R&D Department Dynex Semiconductor Ltd., Lincoln, LN6 3LF, UK



 In this paper, we compare a new Single Active Gate Trench IGBT(SAG-IGBT) with the conventional
Double Active Trench Gate IGBT (DAG-IGBT) structures with the LTO (LOCOS Trench Oxide)
technology. Both structures have been fabricated with the same design rules and process platform and
test chips compared in terms of their Eon performance. The new proposed SAG-IGBT is created by
connected one of the active trench to emitter potential which effectively halves the gate capacitance C
and CGD. It is also shown that the proposed SAG-IGBT can achieve a further 50% reduction in QGC than
the conventional device due to only one trench being used for MOS channel conduction per unit cell. In
addition it is shown that the SAG design can improve turn-on energy loss, E
ON, by up to 25% for identical
Vce(on), with no degradation in the SCSOA.


 IGBTs, Trench, LOCOS

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