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 Study of 6.5 kV injection enhanced floating emitter (IEFE) IGBT
switching behavior and its improved short-circuit robustness

Authors & Affiliations

1Madhu-Lakshman Mysore, 1Thomas Basler, 1Josef Lutz, 2Roman Baburske, 2Hans-Joachim
2Franz-Josef Niedernostheide
1Chemnitz University of Technology, Chair of Power Electronics, Chemnitz, Germany, Tel: +49 371/531-36091
2Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, Germany



 In this work the improved short-circuit robustness of a new IGBT along with its switching behavior is
investigated. The application of the recently proposed injection enhanced floating emitter (IEFE)
concept to a 6.5 kV IGBT results in a higher hole current injection from the buried floating p-islands in
front of the p-collector under short-circuit conditions. Hence, this concept provides a significantly
improved short-circuit robustness compared to IGBT without p-islands and for the same design. The
simulated results of the IEFE IGBTs depict the suppression of electrical current crowding at the
collector-side without affecting the static and dynamic losses of the device.


 IGBT, short-circuit, current filaments, switching behavior, TCAD simulation

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