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New Packaging Concepts: Bridging Devices and Applications

Authors & Affiliations

Shiori Idaka
European Research Co-operation Centre
Ratingen, Germany



 The performance of power modules has continued to improve with Si IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar
Transistors), and current capacities ranging from several A to several thousand A and rated voltages
ranging from several hundred V to several thousand V have been realized. However, with the
expansion of power electronics applications and the demand for even higher efficiency, the
specifications required for power modules are becoming more diverse, with lower loss, smaller size
and weight, higher density, environmental resistance, longer life and so on. In addition, WBGs (Wide
Band-gap semiconductors) such as SiC and GaN have been commercialized, and innovative
approaches to bring out the performance of these devices are expected.
In this paper, we will discuss the latest trends and future prospects of packaging technology for power
modules in the domain of die bonding, wiring, encapsulation, insulation, and functional integration.


 power module, packaging

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